In my lifetime I’ve run into quite a few married men who are very social and public people. Whether it’s their job or just their personality they seem to be in the public eye quite a bit. They normally make no qualms about their relationship status and they don’t hide their rings. Now before I go further I want to say I know this probably happens the other way around but I haven’t had the experience to be able to speak on it.

Here is where my concerns lie. You have these men who work in night clubs or just enjoy going out to clubs, coaches, referees, professional athletes or even minor league athletes, DJ’s, guys in motorcycle clubs, guys who like to go to bars regularly or just make it to every social event they can, ( I think you get my drift) and their women are rarely if ever by their side. Ladies you marry these very public and outgoing men and then you leave them out to fend for themselves amongst all the preying women. I understand there’s a such thing as trust and allowing your man “his” time but there’s also temptation. There are women out here who don’t care about him being married and probably prefer it. That’s not good but the way this world is going the best way I can put it is, “it’s a jungle out there”.

I have seen and heard the things that happen with these men so many times that it really saddens me because I keep thinking if only “she” made her presence seen maybe he wouldn’t be put in that situation. I know you can’t control another person’s actions. All we can control is ourselves but ladies let’s give these men a fighting chance. Be at his side a bit more often. People may know you exist but if you’re never seen then you become out of sight out of mind. I know everyone’s situation is different but being there can actually help in multiple ways. He feels your support in his interest, it gives you guys something more to communicate about, others know you exist and that your are together and you give him a fighting chance against the women on the prowl, it may even deter SOME of the problems you could have with other women approaching him. Let’s face it, the flesh can be weak and men aren’t always the strongest when women are throwing it at them.

Just because you’ve got papers on him and he may do his best to be a good faithful man it doesn’t mean he will always resist temptation. Be his helpmate and keep yo face in the place! Don’t be a figment of everyone’s imagination…when the cats away the mice usually play.