Am I turning into a Stalker???

>If you have lived past 25 years of age, you probably have had your heart broken, or at least, had a bad break up. You and your partner fell out for what ever reason, and you find yourself riding by his/her home late at night. Making unwanted phone calls, following a person around town, resorting to insulting remarks on shared web sites, keying cars, breaking windshields,… just doing stupid stuff you know. Have you ever done something so out of character that you have to ask yourself, “Am I turning into a Stalker?”

Yes Love is a very strong emotion, but what in the world is this? Where did the Love end and the obsessive behavior begin? Fighting for your relationship is NOT what I’m talking about!!! (just to clear the air) I mean you, or someone close to you, is absolutely becoming a stalker!!! There’s an Ex Parte’ order sittng on a Judge’s desk right now with your name on it!!!

If I’m dating a woman and she remotely suggests to me that she doesn’t want to be with me, I’m outta there!!! No calls, text messages, emails, drive-bys, nothing!!! Game over, I lost, I’m gone. I struggle with understanding the wild actions of people who lose their minds and become a Channel 4 News scoop in the making.

Share some insite on obsessive, destructive behaviors of a scorned lover. Where does it begin? Is it you? Was it ever you in the past?



  1. >Me personally if a guy doesn't want me then BYE! there are too many other guys out here. Now if we're dating and I think he's got some tricks up his sleeve then I would do 1 of 2 things. 1) Leave him alone2) Play his game and give him a taste of his own medicine and men usually can't handle that. :-DDon't get me wrong I have thought about and felt like doing some crazy, stalker, jail worthy things but I used my better judgement.

  2. I’m now in a situation that my BF left me after more than 7 years together. We were living together for 3 years, engaged 2. We were just decorating our new apartment.
    Now, when this happened…
    I gave him a few calls, few messages, mails, asked for another conversation.
    I just can’t let go so easily. I still love him, I still believe that everything can be resolved with talking and understanding of one another. Also, we haven’t tried everything to make this work, so that is what I’m trying to achieve.

    But, he doesn’t want to try anymore. He doesn’t seem to care or have enough strength to try again.

    I said to myself, let go, don’t call him…. Don’t bother him anymore, have some pride. Sometimes it is to hard for me.

    Ok, I don’t do damage, like keying cars, braking something, just trying to get him to talk. But still, I think I’m crazy for doing even that.

    But, how to let go, someone who tells you he loves you, but can’t be with you?

    Have some comment now?

    • I understand your feeling and one reason you can’t let go is because of the insatiable desire of us women to want to know why. The main reason of course is because you love him.

      Breaking up is hardly ever an easy thing to deal with because feelings are involved. One thing to remember is that everyone that loves you or that you may love isn’t necessarily the right one for you and if he has gotten to the point of not caring then I would suggest giving him some space. (I know, easier said than done)

      I wish you strength,courage and peace in dealing with your situation.

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