What came first, the chicken or the egg?
(back to this in a minute)

I’ve had a few discussions with various men recently and the subject keeps coming up about “Women’s Liberation” (Women’s Lib) and what roles women and men play in the dynamics of relationships since women are screaming INDEPENDENT now days. What things women and men should each take care of in a relationship once they merge their lives. These conversations have led me to ask are there any “Traditional Women” left in this place?

Where are the women who don’t mind or even might enjoy making there house a home?  All the things that women USE to take care of: cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing clothes, grocery shopping, fixing lunches, homework and still welcoming your man home with open arms and no nagging.  All the while you may or may not be working a full-time job.  Do these women still exist?

If you are this type of woman I’m sure you in return would need to have your equal counterpart. A man who takes care of the home the way our forefathers did. Fixing what’s broken, washing the car and handling it’s maintenance, handle the children’s sports and discipline, maintain the yard and outer portion of the house. I purposely didn’t mention paying the bills because if the woman is working she may be assisting with the bills.  Do these type of men even exist any more?

Now I asked about which came first, the chicken or the egg because it takes me back to the breakdown of our family.  Which came first, women screaming “I don’t need a man, I’m independent” or the laziness of these men who don’t take care of their families and households?