Locked up and Abandoned

I have heard the Country Western song, “Stand by Your Man”, and I definitely can appreciate the loyalty of a good woman. This one is different though. Why is it that if a man goes to jail/prison, the woman/women who love him visits very often, take calls, and keep some kind of communication open. But when a woman goes to jail/prison, the visiting room is almost always empty. Fellas, it doesn’t appear that we are loyal to our women in a time of trouble! Has anyone experienced this? This post IS FACT BASED, and not the opinion of the writer. Please offer some insight.



  1. >Men rarely stand by the children they create or a woman who cheats on them so hearing that they don't stand by their woman when she goes to jail/prison is not a surprise.

  2. >I've never been in this situation, on either side. The closest I came was sticking by a guy who was in and outta rehab and halfway houses. NEVER again.

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