>A Relationship Prayer

On this day and every day, I pray the same relationship prayer…
Lord, teach me how to love in a way that would be pleasing to You. Open my eyes and my heart to be receptive to the needs in my life, and not just my wants.
Grant me wisdom … direction … purpose … confidence … discernment … and every other tool needed for the journey. Wipe away any and all fears, tears, and doubts created by my at times tumultuous relationship past.
Create in me a new heart filled with a deep and abiding love for You first and also for myself. And when the right person comes along, bless me with clarity of vision to see that this is indeed the person for me.
When they do come, I will never forget who made it all possible, and will in each day strive to exhibit a love that would make You proud.
With a fullness of heart, and a sincerity in my spirit, I ask this all in your matchless name … Amen.

Courtesy of the Fly Guy Chronicles