How Important Is Kissing In A Relationship?


A male friend of mine recently told me that “after a while kissing no longer matters in a relationship.” I wasn’t really shocked by this considering my personal belief that a lot of men, black men in particular, just do not like to kiss. Whereas I think kissing is as important to a long term relationship as sex is, I don’t think the average man feels the same. I know my ex hated to kiss and after speaking with many women over the years, I discovered the problem was not unique to me. As a matter of fact, according to LJ Knight’s recent article “5 Things Women Want More Of During Sex,” the act of kissing is pretty high on most women’s list, but pretty low on the list of men.
So for today’s poll I submit the simple question: How important is kissing in a relationship?

posted by Sista on January 19th, 2011 @ brown sista


One comment

  1. >Coming from a Black Man… I Love to KISS!!! To me Kissing is the gateway to intimacy. Any woman who does not like to kiss, should immediately tell me that tidbit of information as soon as we meet. She will immediately be disqualified from my list of possibile mates! No questions asked. Because I take it soooo personally. If a woman tells me she doesn't like to kiss, I assume she doesn't want to kiss ME. Sorry, but I'm a kisser ladies,… and a darn good one!!!! 😉

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