An Open Password Relationship


With all of the social sites, smart phones, computers and various ways of communicating these days and the sensitivity of information being passed around through cyber space, everything seems to have passwords attached. How open are you with your partner about what you participate in AND do you give up your passwords?

Do you feel your partner should have the freedom to check your personal belongings at their free will and be able to log on to any site that you participate on?  If  your partner didn’t want to give you their password how would you feel about that?

It seems that in Detroit the law says even your spouse has no right to check your emails even IF you give them the password: Man Facing Charges For Checking Wife’s E-Mail  (I personally think this is atrocious!!)



  1. >Oh wow. Asking how much do you trust your mate may be a better question! I have never allowed anyone I've been involved with to use any password, or have access to any email, bank info, voice mail,… nothing. For no other reason than I am not married. I have no private communications with anybody I feel I have to hide at all. However, a "passer-by" can't get that outta me!!!

  2. >I agree. My husband has my email password n I have given him my phone password before but I doubt he remembers it. I have one of his email passwords. I could less if he checks either of them because I have nothing to hide.

  3. >In my opinion, no, I don't think one's partner should have that type of personal info. 1. Is it really necessary for him/her to have that type of info? 2. Sharing passwords is an invasion of privacy. I've been with woman for 2 years and I've never asked her for any passwords. I don't feel the need to check up on her as if she's an irresponsible child. I hope she feels the same way.

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