We’ve all seen/heard the phrase “A good man is hard to find”, right? Well let me say that a good woman is even harder to find! Hearing a woman say, “I know I’m a good woman”, has become a red flag for me. And by that I mean this: Ladies what is it that make you a good woman? By what measuring stick are you using to declare you’re a good woman? Some generalities and not specifics such as this:

1.You are on Section 8 and you don’t have a disability.
2. Your home is not clean AND sanitary.
3. Your own personal hygiene is awful. Smelly punany, unkept nails/hair, etc…
4. You want a man with a good job, but you don’t work. <—-???
5. You own all of the latest exercise videos, but haven’t broken a sweat since your 3rd baby…
6. You have kids who are very poorly disciplined. You know them kids bad as hell!!!
7. Yo’ 4th baby’s daddy has a key to your place and comes over doing laundry regularly.

These are examples of actual things I, and male friends of mine, have talked about!
In all fairness I have heard complaints from women about men cheating, lying, small privates, living with their mom’s, baby mama drama, going to jail, etc,… But face it ladies. Ya’ll got some stank issues too! The overall expectations women have for men are actually higher than most men can achieve. And ya’ll expect us men to accept you as you are. And we do. Realistically, if a man does have a great career, educated, has the six-pack abs, can probably pleasure himself with little effort, tall, dark, & handsome; what are you bringing to the table? What can you offer a man that will make him cherish you? Where are the good women??? Where are the sistas that has her own job, home, car, and manages them well!!! There are concerns on both sides of the relationship fence. But at what point does each individual begins to work on self to become an asset to a potential mate, male or female? I ask you, “What makes YOU a good woman?” Name a few attribute that makes you a Top Draft Pick…