Voice ~ Old Love vs New Love


 Voice1 says:

I’ve been dating this person for about 6 months and things are going great. We have our ups and downs but over all it’s good and we’re happy. Now out of the blue this person I had this amazing relationship with in the past has contacted me. We were together for a few years before we split.  There was nothing bad that happened between us to split us up we just ended up going our separate ways.  My problem now is that this person wants me back and I don’t know what to do. Should I tell the the past love that it’s too late and I’ve moved on or should I let my new love go and try to recapture what me and the past love once had?



  1. >If things are going good with you & the new person I say stick with it. Change is a little scary but sometimes well worth it. It just wouldn't be fair to leave the new person when there is no problem just because the blast from the past has shown up. They had their chance and missed it.

  2. >I agree with Lady J. I honestly don't see what the indecisiveness is all about. You're with someone now. Things are going fine. Who cares if a blast from the past contacts you? From a guy I'll say he was probably sitting at home going thru numbers to see who he can hook up with and found yours. Let the past be in the past, embrace your new love and press forward.

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