The worse part of some relationships is the ending. I say “some” because sometimes the end can be a good thing.  How do you know when it’s really over and that chapter in your life if finally closed?

I heard Steve Harvey say (and have experienced) that people on the outside of a relationship looking in tend to pass judgment on how soon a partner moves on because they don’t realize that the relationship actually ended before the two people involved actually parted ways.Outsiders (sometimes even a partner) will say they must have been cheating because they didn’t wait any time before moving on.  What I want to know is who made up how long it should take before you find a new mate or go on a date? I figure you aren’t in that person’s head or heart so who are you to judge…mind your own business!

So I’m asking, once you realized the relationship was over, how long was it before you physically parted ways?