>Its hard to find a GOOD man!

It is so hard to find a man! Every man has heard a woman say that at one point or another. However, at the same time a woman will tell you that she has no problem getting asked out on dates. So being confused, as anyone would be,you ask them to clear up the obvious contradiction. Women will tell you its not hard to find a man but its hard finding a GOOD man. So the next obvious question is whats a GOOD man? Someone that will treat you right and someone can fall in love with. Ok, a good man is the man that will treat you right and someone you can fall in love with. Why is that so hard to find? You would think it should be rather easy to find. Many men want someone to love and want respect as well. So finding someone who loves you should be rather easy. However it really not that easy. I am a firm believer that your life is the sum total of the choices you have made. Many women end up with bad men not because the men are bad but because women make bad read more