In between serious relationships I usually have a friend that basically provides me comfort. Well this time I’ve decided to do something different.  As they say, “if you want something different you have to do something different” so I am.  Also as you grow older you hopefully learn better and not only learn but apply what you’ve learned.  All of this being said I have decided that this time while I am single there will be no need for the comforter. 
It’s been a while now and this has proven to be somewhat interesting. When I date a guy and we’re getting along great there comes that point when they want to kind of hint around at things. (funny)  Me being the blunt person that I am have no problem letting them know that it’s NOT going to happen, my legs are closed! There are some who stick around and have continued communication and dating and there are others who have disappeared into the sunset.  I don’t take any of it to heart because it helps separate the men from the toys. šŸ˜‰    
I don’t find that avoiding the comfort is really hard because I have done it before and I am a strong believer in mind over matter and I am determined to succeed. I have to say that not everyday is easy. OMG with the movies and conversations I hear and just all of the “comfort” overtones in everyday life there are days when it’s a real struggle but over all it’s a great feeling of accomplishment for me and also I feel it clears my plate for the right type of person to enter my life.  I want a man that is truly worthy of providing me comfort and he can have something and someone to be proud to have.  Most of all I can look in the mirror and be proud of the woman I see.  What’s better than being pleased with yourself? 
So until that man FINDS me and I CHOOSE him my journey with doing something different continues.

Have you found yourself doing something different in your life to achieve a result different than your use to?