It Hurts So Good


It’s interesting how people get into relationships and fuss and complain about how their partners insecurities or other issues drive them crazy but yet you do nothing to help fix the problem or make it better AND you don’t leave the relationship.  Instead you poke at their weak points.  You do little things to instigate their insecurities.
For example:  Your partner thinks your cheating and accuses you of such so instead of doing things to dissolve these thoughts you do things to enhance them.  You get on the phone and whisper or walk into another room away from your partner. You may take a little longer getting home from somewhere when you know your partner is probably timing you and know you should be home by a certain time.  You may not be cheating but you for some reason enjoy the drama that comes from scratching their wounds.  Then you turn around and complain about the drama but still won’t leave or try to change the situation. 
What is the deal with this people?  Why do you allow this to go on and stay in such an unhealthy relationship?  Are you addicted to the drama and pain?

It all puts me in the mind of the child who doesn’t get enough attention so they figure bad attention is better than none at all.  Is that what this type of situation is?



  1. >Yeah, I can't say for sure, but judging by all the people I see participating in one horrible relationship after another, thinking something is going to be different, I just don't think people have any idea. Somewhere, these people need to be taught how to be in a relationship, a healthy one.

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