>If you never see the person is it really considered cheating?  You think “all we do is talk on the phone” or “we only email each other” and now it’s mostly, “I only talk to them on Facebook” or some other social web site and “we never see each other or do anything”.

In the past we had to sneak and have late night phone calls or arrange for private meetings some where but now with the Internet the next interested and/or lonely person is only a computer click away.  Some people argue that in order to cheat, a physical relationship must occur. Others argue that emotional cheating can occur without a physical relationship.  What is your take on the situation?

If your significant other had or has friends of the opposite sex that they regularly communicate with online would it bother you?  If it does/would bother you how do you handle the situation?

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Warning Signs: How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating-and What to Do About It