Ladies when we divorce a man who we have children by and we move on to date a new man at what point do we realize that maybe the new man isn’t the right man?

Some of us are fortunate to find a new man who is good and takes care of mostly all our needs but then there are those of us who find a new man who satisfies only some of our needs and we catch ourselves calling on our ex-husband to help us out. Ladies if that’s not red flag enough to drop the new dude I don’t know what is! Not only should it be a slap in the face to the new guy that your ex-husband is taking care of what HE should be doing it should make you run from the new guy like he’s the plague. Honestly if we still need to call on the ex for assistance or support then we need to upgrade the male applying for the new position in our lives!

Once our ex is the ex his only responsibility should be to his child/children. As a woman I don’t want any other female providing for my man and I feel less than if another does my job so with men having the egos and pride that they have would you really want a man who is not bothered by you calling on the ex? Ladies let’s upgrade & not settle for less!