Rev. Toni-Brooke Brown

Wipe your eyes; get up and move on. Sometimes we make bad decisions, backslide or fail at something that we’ve tried. We may become distraught, unhappy, troubled, agitated and upset. What can we do? We can wallow in self-pity; dive into despair and hangout in hopelessness. We can have a pity party and invite those who will help us feel sorry for ourselves; whining and complaining ; crying and weeping. At our pity party we can celebrate our faults and keep remembering the bad times and the bad things. We can convince ourselves that everything is destroyed and there is no way out. And whatever negative feedback we need, we are sure to receive it from those that we have invited to celebrate our failures and pain. Sound like fun? Cancel the party!

A pity party is set up for us to feel sorry for ourselves. When we feel sorry for ourselves, we don’t have to take responsibility and we can’t move forward. A pity party allows us to stay in the doom and gloom of what we’ve done and what has happened. The party can last as long as we want it to. It can last for hours; days; weeks; months and yes, even years. And we can always find people to participate in our pity parties, because misery loves company. Some pity parties make you drink and use drugs; some make you cry and complain; some make you hurt others so that everyone can be miserable together…. Whatever the case, pity parties are destructive and non-productive. Pity parties are progress stoppers and destroyers of the future. Cancel the party!

So what can be done when failure occurs; bad decisions are made; backsliding takes place or things aren’t going our way? Pop the balloons that have been blown up for the pity party; cancel the party and un-invite the guests. Decide, instead, to get up, wipe your tears and move on. Decide to invite some faith-filled; life-seeking; God-fearing; over-comers, to come and celebrate your victory that is on the way. Decide to cancel your pity-party and replace it with a praise party. Celebrate by believing God to turn things around; to take the failure and make it a victory; to take your backsliding and turn it into a testimony; to take your bad decisions and make them a growing opportunity. Celebrate God’s ability to turn your trouble into triumph.
Cancel the pity party so you can move on.

As a result of David’s sin of adultery and murder, his son died. David had been fasting and weeping while his son was sick, but when he died, David got off the ground; washed; changed his clothes; went to God’s house; worshipped and ate. He could have wallowed in self-pity. He could have focused on his sins and complained about the outcome. But instead of having a pity party, David got up; got himself together and moved on.

“Then David arose from the earth, and washed, and anointed himself, and changed his apparel, and came into the house of the Lord, and worshipped: then he came to his own house; and when he required, they sat bread before him, and he did eat.” 2 Samuel 12:20

The party is over!!

Love somebody today who doesn’t love you; doesn’t care about you; won’t repay you, can’t repay you and doesn’t want to repay you…then you will be treating them the way God treated you…