The world is not perfect so some have found themselves dealing with divorce and the worst part of it are the children that are stuck in the middle. Some share custody and the child spends time living with each parent. Some children may live with one parent and only visit with the other. There are various situations I could name but I think you understand.

There are positives and negatives to this situation(children in divorced families) but what I want to talk about right now is how do you handle it when the child is ready to go live with the other parent? I’ve found this happens more with boys because usually mom has custody.

Being a mother I know it is so, so, so hard to release our children but I am a firm believer in boys needing men to help teach them to be a man. I’m not at all knocking the women who have to do it on their own and in keeping it real, not all men are good examples of manhood. We have to be certain of our children’s safety and the environment they learn from. Don’t you think it’s important for your child to get to know his father so he can get to know and understand a little more about himself? You have to remember that this man also contains a bit of our son’s character.

Just because your homes may be divided it doesn’t mean your child has to be. Allow them to get to know each parent as equally as possible. After all it’s the two of you that make up that one.