Like arrows in the hand of a might man, so are the sons of youth


King Solomon likened children to “arrows in the hand of a mighty man”. Consider how this illustration might be applied. An archer has the arrow in his bow for only a relatively short time. To hit the target, he must quickly let it go. Likewise, parents have only a relatively short period of time to develop in their children, heartfelt love for God. After what seems to be just a few short years, children grow up and leave home. (Matt 19:5) will they hit the target-that is, will the children continue to love and serve God after they leave home? Numerous factors influence the answer. Three of them are the skill of the parent, the environment in which the children are raised, and the way the ‘arrow’ or child, responds to the training, he or she receives.

Taken From: Our Examining from the Scriptures Daily